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Hey :)! My name is Cristina Cortez, your 4'11 shorty. I was born and raised in Salinas, California baby. I am latina and proud. I went to Salinas High School, got my diploma and I am currently enrolled in Hartnell. My top favorite artists? Well I lovee Nicki Minaj, Drake and ofcourse Lil Wayne. I must say they are hitting the music industry hard! I am a die hard Chicago Bears fan, thats my team. I am easy to get along with and one things for sure im always smiling. I love a challenge, grew up in a home where girls "couldn't do what boys could" and with alot of rules, which i never really follwed. I was always that wierd girl on the bus that sang every song the radio, listening to 102.5 Kdon! I want to pursue music, like many people i want to make it in this world to be someone well known.

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