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DJ Episode received his first (and only) pair of Technics 1200s as a gift from his parents on Christmas Day of 1999. Shortly after he joined DJ crew, RAW Entertainment, and began DJing at numerous gigs such as house parties, school dances, weddings, and nightclubs. In 2003, he joined the KDON DJ team and held a mixing spot for the radio station’s weekly weekend mix. DJ Episode had begun creating remixes for songs and wanted to get into original production, so he purchased an Akai MPC, a Yamaha Motif ES Rack, and an M-Audio midi keyboard in the year 2005. He has since produced several tracks for local artists, and is credited in a couple of their albums, as well.

Today you can catch DJ Episode in the mix every week for the Friday Night Street Party on 102.5 KDON!  You can also follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/pjricasa and on Instagram at @pjricasa

Shouts to DJ JV for taking me into his DJ crew when I was just a young and experienced DJ. To DJ Christylz for helping me get my foot through the door at KDON. To DJ RQ for the countless skills I’ve learned from him at all the past gigs we’ve done together. To Razor Rob for the guidance and direction I received as a new radio DJ. And a huge shout out to all my other DJ buddies, both past and present (way too many to list), I couldn’t have done it without you.


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