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DJ Christylz

DJ Christylz

Name: DJ CHRISTYLZ “Da Innovator”

Years of Mixing: In the mix since 1990 and still kickin! I’m proud to say 2 decades!

Inspirations: My wifey May, my brother Cliff, sister in law Jennifer and their two beautiful kids Janessa and Jacen along with my mom, dad and the whole Caroza family for the love and support. M.A.C Entertainment (Mike, Alvin and MJ)  Deeznutz aka Dindo, DJ RK Tech aka Ron Reeser of Ultra Music. DJ Jessrock, Lee and Lowell Esposo, Alden, Bearnie and Rich from Elite Xpressions. Majestichris of KYLD for keepin it real and for helping me give the final spelling of my DJ name. Waltski of Mid Way Sounds (inspired me from the get go) Smurf Rock of Exquisite Sounds (that’s an O.G that I hella looked up to). Rich Laxamana (Ladda Sounds old skool man!), Jazzy Jim, Glenn Aure, Michael Erickson and last but not least Cameron Paul (The man that puts MEGA to the MIX). 
Music Format: Dance, House, EDM, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Dance Hall, Break Beats, Trance, House, Classical, Soundtracks Aww hell anything I can flip flop and tinker with!

Hometown: Yay Area!!  San Jose, CA. 
Hobbies/Interest: Music and Video Production, Mixing, Golf, Bowling, Bluray & Gun Collecting, Playing Poker. Watching MILF’s on the thigh master at the gym, Snow Boarding naked, Executive Chair basketball in the studio, Watching a ton of movies!

Favorite Food: Anything good after a gig. I’m down!

Quotes: “The true mark of greatness is when everything before you is obsolete and everything after you bares your stamp.” – David Chappel

Big Up's To: To my BackBone boys Mike, Alvin, MJ. 2WO (2 Wheel Order “ Wheelz Up Hoez Down!”. United Djs: E-Edubb, RQ, Junbug, Raw Entertainment: JV, Kid Marco, B-Ware, Jorge. Forty8 (Mac Sin, A.I. Muzic, Proof. The Hold’em crew ya’ll know who you are (Too many to list). Howhigh of Downlow Productions, Alvin & Joey of SoundWorks, Dave Dynamix, E-Swift and Gameboy, Jaycue, J-Rome, Wreck, Kriskut of 3 Style Attractions, Jay Biz of Prodigee Productions, Dj Chrismixx of Swag Entertainment, Dj Ace of imobile djs, Dj Qzr, DJ Contagiouz,DJ Kerizma, Razor Rob & Jake “The Snake”, Jason Dee of Clubstarters.net, My peeps at 102.5 KDON Corporate, Quickmixers and Promotions. KYLD in San Francisco Majestichris and Jose Melendez, Movin997 Jazzy Jim and Leslie Perez for the past opportunities. Regardless that I converted to Serato I would like to dedicate my next line  to all the DJ’s that are keepin’ it real across the world remember…   ”Real DJ’s do it with 12 inches!"- Dave Dynamix 3 Style Attractions.
















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