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What up world, this is Danny C and as Visa on the Radio sometimes says The Pride of Watsonville! (I am NEVER the one to say that by the way) Little background info on me as a mixer. I grew up listening to many DJ's like Jazzy Jim, Greg Lopez, Boywonder, Jose Melendez and I could go on for days about the DJs I look up to. The whole culture of DJing fascinated me and finally in 2003 I got my start and learned the art of mixing. 2 years later I got my foot in the door as an intern at 102.5 KDON running the streets of the 831 with the Don Squad! A few months later I finally got my time to shine on air and here I am today still rocking the airwaves weekly.  


Check me out on 102.5 KDON every week from 6 - 8 PM Friday night. Hit me up with requests, dont be shy I am the KING of texting while mixing LOL! Feel free to contact me in regards to any events you have like clubs, birthday parties, house parties, 15'eras, etc.

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