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D Minh

D Minh

Name: Minh Le


Years of Mixing: On and off since 2000


Hometown: Union City CA


Music Format: Whatever sounds good.


Inspirations: Ladda Sounds and Club 5 Entertainment. I learned everything about the business through these guys. Shouts out to KDON’s own Big B who always pushes me to mix and be better. Dynamic Sound and Lighting for teaching me everything I need to about Sound and Lighting Reinforcement. Rob Geronimo for keeping me on track in school. Mike Lino for helping me with my business. My parents. I don’t think I would ever make it to where I am now without any of these guys.

 Hobbies/Interest: I love my PS3, blu-ray movies, golf, and watching the Simpsons, Family Guy, comedians like Russel Peters, and Jeff Dunham. Goals: Be a KDON Quick Mixer! Shouts to: Ladda Sounds, Club 5 Ent, Upcrew, Dynamic Sound and Lighting, Pro Dj Ent, my parents, Big B, my roommate James, and KDON!!!! Email: dminh1025@gmail.com


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